You're finally here...yay

I've been waiting for you to be here for a long time. Finally, you're mine. Welcome love, welcome!!  Now you can get to know the real me, no walls, no lies, no limits. 
I am cute, yes, but don't be fooled. I am wild, I am fun, I am crazy, I'm an explosion of feelings. 

Go ahead, fantasize, imagine what your life would be with me in it.

Imagine what my lips would feel on yours, my hands on your body, my legs wrapped around you. Dream about my face, my smile, my sexy body. Think about me every day and night. See me dance, see me tease, hear me moan. 

Aroused yet? Come join, don't stand there just imagining. Do something, make this real, make me real! 

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Don`t keep me waiting. Come inside...